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As part of this service offering our customers will have access to world-class freight carriers like DHL, TNT, UPS , StarTrack, Toll Priority, Toll IPEC, and many others. Worldwide Express leverages our large annual spend with these carriers to offer freight discounts as well as world-class customer service to our customers. Benefits include · Discounted shipping rates · Simple online shipping platform · Multiple carrier options · No need to call the carrier directly · All in one easy to read the invoice · No account keeping fees · No minimum spending limits · Personalised extra-mile customer service from me · Free DHL documents envelop if prefer to send through DHL · DHL e-commerce shipping with discounted rates All of these things ensure you hassle-free, save time & money, leaving you more time to spend on your business. I am sure you would like it and differently will make difference in your business. Please call or send me an email if any questions. I am waiting to hear from you. Email ID: B2B Only , no one off service for our business. Sorry for that !

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